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Bourquin Décolletage

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For a first contact, please don’t hesitate to send your request to our sales assistant, Pauline Jacquin. We ensure you a quick answer.

Sales assistant : Pauline JACQUIN

Managing director / Sales manager : Eric RUSTERHOLTZ

Production manager : Mickael CHARPIN

Quality Technician : Isabelle Barata

Industrialization Technician : Mickael CHARPIN

Planning Technician : Olivier MIGNOTTE

To contact us, please use this formular. We will answer ASAP.

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In accordance with the 6th january 1978 IT and Rights law, you enjoy access, rectification, modification and suppression rights regarding your personal data. To apply this right, please contact Bourquin Décolletage - Z.I. Sous-le-Bois II - 25330 Amancey - 03 81 62 41 20 - contact@bourquin-decolletage.com


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  • Z.I. Sous-le-Bois II
  • 25330 Amancey France
  • Phone number : 33 (0)3 81 62 41 20
  • Fax number : 33 (0)3 81 62 41 29
  • Email : contact@bourquin-decolletage.com