Quality commitment : Bourquin Décolletage
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Bourquin Décolletage



Inaugurated in 2004, the plant Bourquin Décolletage is located on a workshop area of 3000m². Our CAM system guarantees a perfect traceability (upstream and downstream). Flow management, clear organization and working comfort are decisive factors for our quality objectives.

All healthy and environmental aspects require a particular attention (air quality, hydrocarbon treatment, detergent wash without harmful products …).

Our plant offers storage facilities for our customers working on a just in time basis.


Plant plan, Company Bourquin Décolletage

  • 1 - Entry and control of raw material
  • 2 - Storage of the raw materials
  • 3 - Mechanic tool shop
  • 4 - CNC machines zone
  • 5 - Single-spindle lathes area
  • 6 - Multi-spindle lathes area
  • 7 - Metal waste and machining oil recovery
  • 8 - Treatment of metal wastes
  • 9 - Area of manual assembly
  • 10 - Control laboratory
  • 11 - CAM design office
  • 12 - Packaging and shipping area
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    • 3000m² of workshop
    • A workshop dedicated to assembly
    • A metrology workshop
    • 32 employees
    • 36 machines
    • Production capacity : 2 x 8 ou 3 x 8
    • Storage capacity :
      - 300 tons of raw material
      - 250 palets equivalent