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Bourquin Décolletage

The group

Bourquin Décolletage is an entity of the group Mantion (headquarter in Besançon, Franche-Comté). The group realizes more than 35% of its activity by exporting in more than 50 countries, on 5 continents.

The 6 entities of the Mantion group :

Mantion is the main entity of the group. Since 1920, Mantion has been working in the design, manufacture and marketing of sliding systems for 2 different activities.

Building: Systems for sliding doors and gates

Industry: Handling systems for overhead conveyors
Website : http://www.mantion.com/fr/metiers-et-competences.html

This subsidiary is specialized in sheet metal forming. Entirely automated firm, it makes complex technical forms in coated or uncoated steel for diversified customers such as: equipping industries, building, heating-air conditioning industries.
Website : http://www.sous-traiter.com/formatol25

Logistical and sales subsidiary covers an area of 2500 m2 and employs over 15 people specialized in the distribution through the German-speaking countries.
Website : http://www.mantion.com/index.php?langue=de

This firm located in Poland, has a team over 40 people and an area of 2500 m2 .It represents all the MANTION’s and VALCOMP’s ranges on East European market, and in Russia and Euroasian countries.
Website : http://www.valcomp.com.pl

Located in France near Dijon, this firm is specialized in the motorization of building applications. Wimove develops motorized solutions for the Mantion Group and commercializes solutions to professionals.
Website : http://www.wimove.fr

At your service…
Website : http://www.bourquin-decolletage.com

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  • Group workforce : 200
  • 35M€ of turnover
  • Present in 50 countries
  • Export : 35% of the turnover


  • Z.I. Sous-le-Bois II
  • 25330 Amancey France
  • Phone number : 33 (0)3 81 62 41 20
  • Fax number : 33 (0)3 81 62 41 29
  • Email : contact@bourquin-decolletage.com